OCR | Police Challenge

TriChallenge Viseu Leiria Portimão #NOFEAR

TRICHALLENGE POLICE 2019” is a national competition of Obstacles Race, inserted in the National Circuit of Association “OCR POLICE CHALLENGE” that values the continuous participation in the races associates..

The circuit counts with FOUR races, all of them scoring equally for the final qualification, but only three are orequired.

Get your tripack now (3 races) for the special price, and ensures your participation in the most challenging races in Portugal.
Opening of individual registrations: January 4, 2019
TRIPACK registrations: available now

Viseu: 28 de April
Leiria: 9 de June
Portimão: 27 de October
Brevemente: 8 de September

OVERALL16,00€ (100 places)18,00€ (500 places)20,00€ 48,00€
ELITE25,00€ (100 places)28,00€ (50 places)30,00€ (50 places)70,00€
COMPETITIVE 20,00€ (100 places)22,00€ (50 places)25,00€ (50 places)55,00€*
* by athlete

Prize Money for the first 5 classified in ELITE

Prize Money for the 1st classified COMPETITIVE (individual and team)